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Inside Trump’s White House

“How can you recover from some of these books? They are filled with false stories.”

–President Trump

“He had the vision to cross over the bridge.”

–Ivanka Trump

“How soon do you think Mueller knew there was no collusion? Four days maybe?”

–Donald Trump Jr.

“Somebody’s got to tell the truth about all this. It is really a very special story.”

–Eric Trump

“I think all of us hold out hope that the right thing will happen in the end. Maybe we will all be long gone but, eventually, we will be vindicated and validated.”

–Lara Trump

“We very quickly learned that those who talk, don’t so. And those who do, don’t talk.”

–Jared Kushner

“No matter the ridicule, you must stay true to what you believe is in the best interest of everyone.”

–Tiffany Trump

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